Terms And Conditions


Rescheduling a Lesson

A lesson may be rescheduled or cancelled no later than 24 hours before the original lesson reservation. If no rescheduling has been done and a student fails to attend the lesson, then that lesson time will be removed from their package.


Lesson Attendance

I will wait for 15 minutes from the start time of the lesson. If the Student does not connect to the video call and start the lesson during this time, then I will treat that lesson as having been taken and no refund will be given for non-attendance.


Lesson Packages

If a package of 5 hours is booked, all lessons must be taken within 45 days.

If a package of 10 hours is booked, all minutes must be used within 70 days.

If a package of 20 hours is booked, all lessons must be taken within 150 days.

If a package of 20 hours is booked, all lessons must be taken within 210 days.

(Any used lessons at the end of these periods will not be refunded.)



It is not possible to get refunds on lessons you have purchased from me. Before you start lessons with me, you can take a trial lesson, and plenty of time to think about online studying before you buy lessons.


Regular study times

When possible you can have a fixed and regular study time with me each week. However, this time will sometimes change if for example another student books the same time before you do. You will need to have some flexibility about the times you can study with me. Also note that students who have been studying with me for a long time have priority when it comes to lesson scheduling.


Increases in lesson prices

Lesson and package prices are subject to change, although I try to minimize how often this happens. If lesson prices increase, there is no guarantee that I will offer you the previous price you paid for lessons before the price increase. 


Cancellation by the Teacher

Occasionally I may have an unavoidable emergency or illness that could result in having no option other than to cancel your lesson(s). When this happens, I will send you an Email before hand, as soon as I know. You as the Student will not be charged for the lesson(s) and you are free to reschedule for any time that is available.


Permission to use Audio Recordings of Lessons

I may sometimes use an audio recording from your lesson to give an example of how I teach. I will not use any recording in which you talk about your personal life or details. By taking lesson with me, you agree that I have permission to put these recordings on my website.


Changes to terms and conditions

All terms and conditions are subject to change.