Useful Phrasal Verbs with TAKE


Phrasal Verbs with TAKE

Increase your English vocabulary and fluency by learning these important Phrasal Verbs with TAKE.

Take after (somebody) -

to be similar to an older member of your family in appearance or character.

Example: "I take after my father in looks, but people say I've got my mother's character."



Take (something) away -

to remove something

Example: "Waitress! Can you take our plates away, please?"


Take (something) apart -

to disassemble something

Example: "My laptop stopped working, so I took it apart."


Take (something) back -

1) to take something that you have bought back to the shops because it is broken or not suitable

Example: "If you don't like the T-shirt, I can take it back."



2) to admit that something you said was wrong

Example: "I'm sorry. I didn't mean what I said - I take it back."


Take (something) down -

1) to write down information or a statement

Example: "She was reading a book and taking notes down."



2) to dismantle or remove something

Example: "We took the tent down quickly before the storm came."


Take (somebody) in -

to let someone stay in your house

Example: "Don't worry - If you end up losing your apartment, I'll take you in."


Take (something) in -

to fully understand or absorb something

Example: "The view was amazing, so I had to stop for a moment to take it all in."


Take off -

1) to become successful or popular very fast

Example: "Joel's career has really taken off."



2) to leave the ground and fly

Example: "The plane is due to take off in half an hour."


2) to leave somewhere quickly

Example: "He took off early this morning without saying goodbye."


Take (something) on -

to accept some work or responsibility

Example: "I'm afraid I can't take on any extra work at the moment - I'm extremely busy."


Take (somebody) out -

to take someone as your guest to a social event or place of entertainment

Example: "I'm taking my parents out for a meal tomorrow."



Take over (something) -

to take control of something

Example: "It looks like the company is going to be taken over by one of it's competitors."


Take up (something) -

1) to start doing something such as a habit, job, or interest

Example: "I took up skiing last year when I was in France."



2) to fill a particular amount of space or time

Example: "My entire day has been taken up with meetings and phone calls."


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