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Especially vs. Specially

Especially or Specially?This is an especially common mistake amongst both native speakers and English language learners, so I specially made this post for those who would like to learn the difference. 

Let's take a look at the different meanings and some example sentences.


Especially is an adverb.

Meaning: Especially is used to single out one person or thing above all other things; especially generally means (particularly)

  • I enjoy surfing, especially in summer.
  • Sleep is especially important for growing children.

Here are some common especially collocation sentences from

  • this {gift, song, poem} is especially for you you
  • was [made, designed, purchased] especially for you
  • [did, made, sang] it especially for you
  • is especially [important, good, interesting] (to, that)
  • especially important in [growing children, pregnant women]
  • is especially [hard, difficult, tough] when
  • is especially [hard] for [those, people] who
  • be especially [careful, watchful, alert] for
  • it's especially [hot] here in [July]
  • it's [hot, cold] here, especially in [July]
  • especially in [London, my family, rural areas]
  • [hate, can't stand] sports, especially [football, soccer]
  • especially if you [want to, are familiar with]


Specially is also an adverb.

Meaning: Specially means for a particular purpose or in a special manner; specially generally means (specifically)

  • She prepared a speech specially for the occasion.
  • He has his suits specially made in Italy.

Here are some common specially collocation sentences from

    • was specially [made, designed, created, prepared] for
    • have [them, one] specially [made]
    • specially [written, adapted, composed, made] by
    • made specially to [save, provide, help]
    • are specially trained for the [role, mission, job, position]
    • specially trained [soldiers, staff, workers, personnel]
    • a specially commissioned [report, investigation, job]
    • specially formulated to [remove, eliminate, improve, maintain]
    • bought specially for the [summer, winter, fall]
    • [goods, fresh fruit, certain items] are specially imported
    • specially for those who [can't, couldn't, are not able to]
    • did it specially for you
    • [met, phoned] specially to [get, find out, mention, discuss, remind]

    TIP: Remember that specially is the adverb form of special



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