Useful Weather Related Idioms in English

Weather Idioms

Here are the most common weather-related idioms in English.

break the ice -

to make people feel less shy or nervous in a social situation.

Example: "The party was a little quiet so we decided to play a game to break the ice."


brighten up someone's day -

to make someone feel happier.

Example: "Seeing those little kids having so much fun just brightens up my day."


the calm before the storm -

a period of quiet before a very busy or stressful time.

Example: "The meeting may be peaceful now, but this is just the calm before the storm."


(come) rain or shine -

regardless of circumstances or regardless of the weather.

Example: "Don't worry! I'll be there come rain or shine."


every cloud has a silver lining -

Meaning - every difficult or unpleasant situation has some advantage..

Example: "I try to remind myself that every cloud has a silver lining whenever I'm going through a difficult time."


put sth on ice -

to delay a plan or an event for a period of time.

Example: "The meeting has been put on ice until next week."


throw caution to the wind -

to do something without worrying about the risks or consequences.

Example: "Maybe I'll throw caution to the wind, give up my job and go travelling."


tip of the iceberg -

a problem or difficulty is much bigger than it seems; only the beginning of a problem.

Example: "This is only the tip of the iceberg. Things are going to get much worse!"


under the weather -

to be ill.

Example: "I'm afraid Jack won't be in school today; he's feeling under the weather."


a white Christmas -

a Christmas when it snows.

Example: "This is the first white Christmas we've had in five years."


Practise making your own sentences with these weather related idioms.

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