10 Other Ways To Ask ‘How Are You?’ | Expressions

10 other ways to ask ‘How are you?’ in (British) English.

(1) Alright?
(2) What’s up?
(3) What’s new?
(4) How’s it going?
(5) How’s everything?
(6) What are you up to?
(7) Are you well?
(8) How have you been?
(9) How are you doing?
(10) How have you been keeping?

All of these phrases can be used to greet a friend or somebody that you haven’t seen in a while.

They all sound polite and friendly, but numbers 1 - 6 are a bit more informal (better used with close friends), while numbers 7 - 10 are more formal.

Do you use any of these phrases? Leave a comment below if you can think of any other ways to say ‘How are you?’.