IELTS And TOEFL Exam Preparation Courses


Are you getting ready for an IELTS or TOEFL English exam?

IELTS and TOEFL are the world's most popular English language tests for those wanting to study, work or live abroad. My lessons will prepare you to take your exam with confidence.

I have over 80 hours of high quality, interactive practice materials covering each of the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. I also assign a wide variety of homework activities that provide focused practice of the skills, strategies and techniques that you need to perform at your best.

My lessons have helped students to emigrate abroad, study at foreign universities, and get better jobs.


How it works

In our first meeting, we will discuss your exam English objectives carefully. We will talk about your experience of the exam and which parts you find difficult.

You will also take an assessment that tests your grammar, speaking, reading, writing and listening. The results of this test will allow me to assess your current strengths and weaknesses and build you an individual learning plan, that is specially adapted to ensure that you are fully prepared for your exam. 

In the lessons, we won’t just practice exam questions. I will also help you to build the vocabulary and grammar that you need. The lessons will also be focused on communication, feedback and lots of help and support from me.

Why prepare for an exam online?

Studying English 1 to 1 is the best way to prepare for an English exam. It is much more intensive than studying in a group in a classroom because you can focus on exactly what you need to learn the most.

Studying 1 to 1 online with me is also better than studying alone because I can give you study-structure, expert advice and tips to help you pass your exam with confidence.

I use proven exam preparation techniques that accelerate the learning process, and I'm committed to helping my students pass their exams.

Thank you for your IELTS preparation lessons. It was the first time for me to practice for the IELTS examination, and I found it more difficult than I thought. After six months of lessons with you, I passed my IELTS exam with 7, 8, 7 and 7. For me, this was amazing because my English was not so good when I started.
— Masakazu, Japan