About Me

If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, you will already have some idea of who I am and about my teaching methods. Here, I share some information about my life, hobbies and why I teach English online.



Teaching English

I love teaching English online because I get to meet people from all over the world and learn about their cultures, while I help them improve their English. I believe that with modern technology, learning English online with a good teacher is an excellent way to rapidly improve your English.


This is a photo of my two sons, Kai and Harley. They are amazing, and they both bring so much joy and purpose to my life. We all live in Osaka together, and with some help from my wife and myself, they should grow up to be fully fluent in both English and Japanese.

Where I'm from

I was born in Bradford, which is in the North of England, but I moved to London when I was still very young and grew up there. London is a great city, and there are many things that I miss about it. If you are planning to visit London anytime in the future, I have lots of recommendations about what to see and do there!


Where I Live

I live in Osaka, Japan, with my family. I have lived here for the past four years now, and I love the people and the culture. Everybody is very friendly, and the food is delicious. I’m also an ESL instructor at a private language school here in Osaka, where I have made many great friends and happy students.



I love to travel whenever I get the opportunity. I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing other cultures.This photo is from the Blue Mountains in Australia. Before moving to Japan, I spent a year travelling around Asia and then two years in Australia, which is where I met my amazing wife, Akane.



My hobbies include playing the ukulele, callisthenics (body-weight fitness) and more recently, graphic and website design. I love spending time with my two sons and playing with them at home or in a park. I am also a big fan of English football (soccer), and I try to watch live games whenever possible.